The Epicrates Boas Of South America

and Other Snakes From Around the World.

At this time I have Jungle Carpet Pythons, CarpetMorphs and Rainbow Boas for sale.

Updated September 06, 2010

I. Epicrates Boas Of South America.

    a.  Brazilian Rainbow Boas.  Epicrates cenchria cenchria

    b.  Columbian Rainbow Boas.  Epicrates cenchria maurus

    c.  Guyanan Rainbow Boas.  Epicrates cenchria crassus


II.  Other Snakes from around the world.

    a.  Dumerils Boas.  Boa dumerili

    b.  Jungle Carpet Pythons.  Morelia spilota cheynei

    c. Coastal Carpet Pythons.  Morelia spilota mcdowelli

d. Irian Jaya Carpet pythons (coming soon)

e. Carpet Morphs (coming soon... Zebra Morphs, Jaguars, Jungle Jags, IJ jags, IJ Granites, IJ Granite Jags, other CarpetMorphs)

e. Boa constrictors (coming soon... Kahl Sunglows, Coral Sunglows, Sharp albinos, Sharp Sunglows, Sharp Coral Sunglows)

Venezuelan Red-Tail Boas; Surname Red-Tail Boass, Brazilian Red-Tail Boas (belem)...Photos already on my Facebook page.


III.  Housing requirements

IV. Price List

V.  Biology Index  (These are outdated papers which I wrote at Trinity University.  Several are on Reptiles)

VI.  Who Am I?


I Have Brazilian Rainbow Boas, Colombian Rainbow Boas, and Jungle Carpet Pythons available for sale.

Brazilian Rainbow Boas: litters born in 2009 and 2010...Normals, Hypos, Het Hypos (see facebook page).

Jungle Carpet Pythons: 1998 VPI to Unknown Jungle (hatched 2009) and 1998 VPI * VIVID (hatched 2010).

I am often slow at returning E-mail. If you want to catch me, call my cell 210-218-7915 between 10am and 10 pm. thanks, BHH

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