Brazilian Rainbow Boas

I have worked with Brazilian Rainbow Boas since 1994.  They are one of my favorite snakes, and I have acquired quite a collection. 

Here is a sample of some of the bloodlines I am currently working with.



Here is a link to all of the parents that I got babies from in 2006.

2006 parents.

2006 AK Lamar parents (Produced by the same well respected breeder that produced my first rainbowboas back in 1994)

If you are interested in any of these offspring, Please E-mail me for detailed information on each litter (

In 2006, I should have some of the nicest Rainbow Boas around as well as some out-crossed HYPO's.

Keep scrolling down or click on the links below to see the Hypomelanistic Brazilians.

Above is a comparison of color between siblings.  Hets and  Hypomelanistic Babies.

Hypomelanism is a simple recessive trait that reduces the amount of black pigment. I relate it to an almost albino. An albino is Amelanistic which means no black pigment. Hypomelanism lets the other colors shine through more vibrantly, and makes a colorful, very clean Brazilian which retains some of the dark patterns. An albino would have white markings instead of black, but I know of only one albino that has been produced, and it is WAY out of my price range.  There are currently Albino Colombian Rainbow boas in production in the USA.


Adult Size Reference (5 to 6+ feet long) ....The ones that I am holding are a foot longer and much fatter now.

JR Female
JR Male and  Recent Night Photos_JR Male2003

2002 JR babies growing up
National Zoo Female
Past Pets
Het Female
Het Female Circle Head
Het Male Pie Rat
Hypo Female
Hypo Male

Possible Hypo Adult Female...Will try to prove this gene out over the next 3 plus years.

2003 Individuals from JR male bred to the National Zoo 10 year old female 1 male and 3 females.

2004 offspring..

Hypo male 1

Hypo female 2

Hypo male 3

Hypo female 4

Hypo male 5

Comparison at 3 Months...You need to look at the color change...

and normal Brazilian's from the July fourth litter 2004 (inactive Link)...Independence Day Boas




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