Columbian Rainbow Boas

       My first Rainbow Boa was a Columbian Rainbow Boa that I bought as a baby in 1992.  These pictures are of the larger female only.  The smaller female looks nearly identical, but is three years younger and a little darker, they both have a nice disposition.  They are Huge and produce lots of babies, they went 4+ years without getting bred because I thought I had a sexual pair, But actually had a pair of females. 

       I  received (May 2003) an animal produced from genetically CO-Dominant Pattern-less parents which seems to be normally patterned, BUT Hypomelanistic.  Even now as a 4 foot snake, the dorsal pattern is clearly visible and the side markings (poorly-defined crescent shaped markings) stand out against a light pinkish cream background.  I will try to see what her genetics really are, and may have babies from her in the future.


*****  I do have babies now from my oldest Colombian.  She had 12 fat and happy babies on August 24th 2003.  Both females had babies in 2004 (Including about 1/4 of the litter as STRIPED individuals), but they did not breed in 2005.  I expect babies again (including Striped offspring) in 2006.  These Colombians are extremely hardy grow fast.  They will eat anything at anytime and rarely refuse food.  The Colombian Rainbowboa market is about to explode.  There are numerous morphs in captivity: Striped, pattern-less, T+Albino, T-Albino, Leucistic, Piebald, Calico, Anerythristic, Hypomelanistic and "Ghost". I am glad to see growing interest in this sub-species of rainbowboa.  I still have and expect babies from the female that started all of this rainbowboa madness back when I was only 15 years old.  They can live a long time, breed until they are 20+ years old, and they make really wonderful pets.


Photos of My oldest Rainbowboa.

Possible Hypomelanistic Colombian Rainbowboa.

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